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as an intern with us. We offer fun, immersive, and value-adding activities that can help determine and shape your future goals as a professional. Allow us to be your partner in your early corporate journey.

Advantages as an intern

Future Employment

Some of our teammates were former interns. We reward hard work and provide employment opportunities to deserving interns who excel. We value capabilities, passion, the right attitudes, and outstanding skills and we use them as bases for employment.

Insight-Valuing Environment

Even as we are people of different backgrounds, our collective mindset is to build a culture where everyone belongs and can be a leader. We see your possibilities, not your limitations. You have a voice and we welcome fresh ideas.

Hands-on Mentoring

As you provide us an extra hand on projects, our hands-on approach enables us to help you gain new skills and expand your abilities. We invest in your professional growth by providing you with immersive activities and empowering you to take part in ongoing projects. 


We promote a culture of learning, productivity, and teamwork by nurturing a happy workplace. We regularly conduct activities and events where teammates, regardless of their positions, come together and enjoy the company of one another. 


“As a former intern, I was able to excel as Baytech equipped me with the knowledge and skills I needed. Baytech continues to have a huge impact on my professional growth now that I am one of its employees. Prior to officially joining Baytech as an employee after I graduated, they offered me a part-time job after I’ve completed my internship. I can say that you can apply to work for different companies and get hired, but Baytech has not only given me a job but also a family I can keep.”


Business Analyst

“The tasks that challenged me during my internship at Baytech have made me more confident about my abilities. I learned to step out of my comfort zone and build my confidence to take on tough responsibilities. I was lucky to have mentors who guided me through my tasks and gave constructive feedback whenever necessary. Baytech allowed me to use my abilities and explore my potentials with the guidance of my mentors.”


Content Writer

“Baytech made me feel that I belong to their family. Aside from the tasks given to us, there were fun and engaging activities like Board Game Fridays that allowed interns like me to bond and get to know people in the company. In terms of the work assigned to me, I was given enough opportunities to contribute and learn. People in the company were generous to offer me career advice and guidance.”


Junior Web Developer

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