Creating Value
Delivering Excellence

Baytech BPO Corporation is a Philippine-based company that offers a suite of service solutions for businesses that aim to build or improve the performance of their e-commerce websites. We have the agility to handle the ever-changing needs of companies. We are a collective of driven and talented professionals who are experts in website development and maintenance, digital marketing, and customer service.

Our purposeful journey

FEB 2017

Laying the Foundation

Our year of incorporation. We trace our humble beginnings to our operations in Cagayan de Oro. We were also preparing to expand our business in Manila.

NOV 2017

Building for growth

We opened a new home in Tycoon Center, Ortigas, and welcomed new teammates. Our 12-man operation has doubled in just a few months. Baytech now has two offices.

dEC 2018


We moved to a bigger home in Discovery Center, Ortigas, leaving our office in Tycoon Center. The progress was complemented by the increase in the number of our projects.

MAR 2020

Expanding Virtually

At the onset of the pandemic, we remained uninterrupted and grew in terms of proximity. We responded and adapted early to the disruptions caused by COVID-19 by implementing remote work for 100% of our employees.

DEC 2021

Establishing our presence

Happy 5th anniversary to us! We are past being a startup. As we move forward, our banner remains the same: Creating Value, Delivering Excellence. 

Our core values

Growth-Oriented Management

With services as our main product, we recognize our employees as our most important assets. We implement a stringent hiring process to ensure that every new hire is the best fit for the company. We nurture and invest in our tenured employees to support their career growth. Happy employees drive success. With that in mind, we constantly develop an environment where the highest levels of productivity foster, take the time to refine and polish each employee, and promote strong relationships among teammates.

Employee-First Culture

We put our teammates at the center of our goals and movements. As we rely on them to assist us in reaching our business objectives, we promote a people-driven environment where we encourage individuality, exercise empathy, and pursue a work-life balance. We continuously cultivate a workplace where everyone feels safe and comfortable being themselves and sharing their viewpoints and ideas. We recognize and reward remarkable contributions and accomplishments to show gratitude and inspire motivation.

True Value Creation

We go above and beyond the call to be a customer-centric business with the help of our employees. We don’t look at value creation as merely maximizing profits and minimizing operational costs. Driven by our commitment to facilitate and contribute to the growth of our customers, we listen intently to deliver accurately their needs and requirements. No smokes and mirrors, just authentic work and high-level customer service.

Candor and Honesty

The transparency within the company encourages us to build a collaborative environment where feedback, no matter how forthright, is an essential component of success. We empower every teammate to be candid and honest and to ask difficult questions that would prompt us to find the number-one solution to issues and challenges. By giving a voice to our employees, we gain constructive and objective feedback that is valuable when developing strategies and solutions.

Community Builders

As collaboration is at the core of our workflows, we underscore and instill the values of authenticity, inclusivity, and mutual respect in our teammates, making them active community builders within the company. We cultivate a community where people can rely on and trust one another, where they feel a sense of belonging. We establish an open-door policy, giving every teammate an equal opportunity to make suggestions, offer feedback, and be problem-solvers to help the company and the community we are building prosper. Relationships in the company go beyond work shifts.

Our people


























If you want to be part of an inclusive company that values growth, human connections, and outstanding work, you should join us.