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Constantly Evaluating Others (CEO)

Len likes to people watch. Her favorite books are Clifton StrengthsFinder and Linda Goodman’s Star Signs. Her hobby is to take personality exams. A humanist, she believes in the power of the individual. A fur mom to a shih tzu and a dachshund.

Tito Vier

Digital Marketing Manager

Was born in Batangas and he grew up in Cavite. He currently lives in Mandaluyong with his wife. He was into real estate digital marketing and micro-business. You can usually find him at home watching Netflix while working on his “dad bod”. He likes Baytech because of the company’s culture.



Kaydian loves eating. His unique fact is, he is normal. He likes baytech because of Friday Breakfast.


Deputy Chief Bug Hunter

Was born in Caloocan but want to be raised in Bicol because beach is life. She loves to explore things and always expect to gain in return. She doesn’t get bored with Photoshop and Lightroom even if she does it for a long period of time. People in Baytech are all millennials (by heart) that they get along well.


Back End Beast

Jeff is an adventurous person who loves Scuba diving and hiking. He also likes photography. He likes Baytech because of free beers, free food, free cigars and sharing these with awesome people in the company.


Web Wizard

A proud Maloleño, his stay with Baytech has been his first chance to experience the city life in all its glory. He likes Programming and Creative Literature. He likes Baytech because it provides a vibrant, family-oriented environment while still providing avenues to showcase and improve his skills.

Ben Ten

Site Clown

A proud Pasigueño, Happily married and has 2 lovely daughters. He is willing to help anyone in becoming an optimistic person like him. He plays online and offline games. He likes Baytech because, they can feel that every employee Baytech has is a family member.


HR- Employee and Labor Relations

Originally from Batangas, came to Manila for Law School and has been living alone here since 2015. Loves to eat and socialize with other people. Obsessed with becoming a litigation lawyer. She likes Baytech because of the convenient schedule since she is a working student.


Business Analyst

She is a music lover, she plays guitar and kalimba, she is into cooking. She collects novels & half of them were still unread. She studies ‘Baybayin’ during her free time. She likes Baytech because of the people around her, a very fun environment.

Site Parent

Born and raised in Makati, he now considers Quezon City his permanent address. Happily married to Gelykins with two kids (Yeyel and Yayie), he has happily extended his fatherly role to the office.


Digital Product Manager

Was born in QC, spent most of her childhood in Antipolo and now lives in Mandaluyong. She studied Computer Science in PUP and was a Software Engineer at the beginning of her career. She likes to explore new places, food and culture, as well as the challenge of solo travel.


Marketing Analyst

Was born in Kobe and grew up in Cubao. Sadly, he can’t speak Japanese but he can speak Tagalog & Cebuano. He’s 5’8″ tall and weighs around 60kg. He had finished AB-CDA at CSB but he decided to pursue Digital Marketing, ending up here in Baytech. He likes Baytech because startups are the best.


Bug Hunter

Was born and raised in Pasig, he enjoys playing computer games, listening to music, watching movies/series on NETFLIX and hiking. He has a knowledge about ANDROID development. He likes Baytech because of friendly coworkers and they value their employees.


Front End Beast

An IT Professional, Web and Graphic Developer. He builds awesome things for print, web, and mobile. He fuses creative design with the latest technology to develop different kinds of websites—dynamic, responsive, e-commerce and customized ones—and graphic designs for any visual medium for that matter.


Web Wizard

Born in Malabon, raised in Pampanga, now living in Mandaluyong. He likes Programming, Playing Basketball, Volleyball and Badminton. A very optimistic person, no problem is big enough for him.
A dad of 12 dogs. Baytech believes in him, he also believes in what the company stands for.


Customer Support Representative

A site adaptor – 22 years of age, born and raised in Pasig. When she first started at Baytech, she only tend to talk and approach the people she knows. But as the time passes by, she used to adapt everyone’s friendliness and learned how to make “strangers” into “friends” not only at the office but even outside the site.

Number Cruncher

Accounting & Finance

Born and raised in Nueva Ecija. A loving daughter and sibling. She enjoys staying home during weekends to spend some quality time with her loved ones. She likes watching series, movies and reading good books. She also loves to sing. She likes Baytech because of great colleagues and lot of employee benefits.

Digital Overlord

Janis likes listening to music, play instruments and playing board games too. She also likes to walk around with her dogs. She is a volunteer and teaches basic music rudiments in a Christian Community. She likes Baytech because of the people.


Cloud System Engineer

With over 17 years of experience in Information Technology, He has a solid and well rounded IT background in systems and network management, as well as the proven ability to design and implement state of the art information solutions that facilitate corporate growth, and manage multiple tasks and projects simultaneously that meets the target goals and objectives.


Marketing Analyst

A ghost writer and a silent reader who can read approx. 350+ words per minute. She has a love for all things that is art, lowkey wants to be a polygot, loves to learn, and most of all, a professional animal cuddler. Baytech is a fun place to learn new things and improve skills.


Bug Hunter

Was born and raised in Pasig, living happily with her family. She is currently working and learning new things from the company that she’s with. She loves to watch documentaries about serial killers/psychopath. She likes Baytech because of the environment and people there makes work easier and less stress.

Joe Neil

Web Guru

He was born in Pasig and grew up in Cavite. He enjoys anything outdoors, travelling and playing basketball. He also likes computer games, and loves to explore new things. He likes baytech because of its work-life balance, culture and challenges him to be better


Jukebox of Product Team

Born and raised in the province of Quezon. Live music, sunset, road trips and cold beer is her definition of living life. For her everything is better when it’s simple, anything that is out of the ordinary is either not real or scary. She doesn’t like Baytech, she love it!


Customer Service Representative

An introvert by nature and prefers to be invisible in some social events, but he loves doing outdoor activities like travelling and explore a lot of places and eat different kinds of food. Baytech is like an extension of his family. They’re not that close, but you know the’re love in it.


Admin Assistant

Nie is a survivor in life with three kids and a happy woman. She likes watching television and she is a good cook too. What she likes about baytech is, it is the happiest company she had ever worked and it is good to all employees.

Chief Bug Hunter

Gen is an outgoing person, and she likes to go out with her family to try new foods. She likes Baytech because working in Baytech is just like working at home. The team is more of a family working together to meet common goals.


Head Chef for Customer Care and Quality

He loves singing his heart out during videoke sessions. He also loves to surf but he doesn’t have the body to prove it. He has three reasons why he likes Baytech: People, people, people.


Marketing Analyst

Ruth have never experienced High School. Was home-schooled in Korea during High School. She loves many things like sinigang, music, reading, writing and to travel around the Philippines. She loves serving the Lord. “I am a Sinner saved by Grace. Ephesians 2:8.”


Bug Hunter

A diligent learner who always tries to do his best at everything he does while discovering true purpose in life. His detail-oriented character helps him as a “bughunter”. He likes reading, watching series and movies, and drawing. He also believes that there is family in Baytech.


Web Wizard

Gei likes to play ukulele. She also likes to watch movies and read books. Her unique fact is, she is afraid of balloons. She likes Baytech because people are nice there


Carrot Cake Connoisseur

She was born and raised in Mozambique and moved to the Philippines about 5 years ago. She enjoys playing video games, reading books/comics, listening to music etc., and spending her time with good company and great food.

Mang Rene

Senior Agent

Likes Motorsports, billiards and guns. He loves to travel and he’s very lucky in gambling. He never dreamed about success because he worked for it. What others think of him is none of his business. He likes Baytech because of the chill environment


IT Support

Born and Raised in Quezon Province, Niel moved to the Pasig for work. He enjoys watching TV, playing computer games, hiking and cliff jumping. He gets irritated easily. He likes working in Baytech because of excellent management and the people around him are kind.



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